When You Arrive in the UK

It can be daunting when you initially arrive in the UK. Follow this simple guide to make your arrival and transition into the UK as simple as possible.

Your welcome pack awaits!

We’ll have everything in place and ready for your arrival to the UK. This includes, but is not limited to;

Oyster Card & Public Transport

Most of London’s transport systems operate ‘cashless’ payment systems. If you’re relocating to the Greater London area, we’d recommend getting an Oyster Card on arrival. This is a prepaid contactless payment card that can be used across the entire TFL network. London is separated in zones 1 to 9. If you will be travelling regularly, it will be cheaper to purchase a Travel card from TFL. They have several options available depending on which transport zones you require. Please note that all London transport services also accept contactless credit/debit payments. If you’re moving to a different city or town in the UK, simply head over to your local council’s website to find more information on public transport and travel cards. You can find your local council here.

UK Telephone Number

Luckily, picking up a UK telephone number is not only simple but also cost-effective too. Bounce Teachers will provide you with a UK sim card when you first arrive. There are lots of providers to choose from, and if you already own a handset, you could choose between a fixed monthly contract or a rolling 30-day contract. We’d recommend GiffGaff as you’re not locked into a contract and the price plans are very reasonable, starting at just £5 a month.

UK Bank Account

Before arriving in the UK, you will be asked to complete an application with Revolut, (one of the most comprehensive UK Bank accounts for international travellers). This enables us to have your bank card waiting for you as part of your Welcome Pack. Additionally, you’re welcome to apply for an additional bank account yourself – see the following link for trusted establishments: Click here to compare the best UK Current Accounts.

National Insurance Number

A National Insurance number, or NI number, is a unique number per individual, which we all must have in order to work and in order to do almost anything financially in the UK. The way to begin your application is to make a simple phone call to the numbers provided by gov.uk and book your appointment with them. You must call to arrange an appointment once you arrive in the UK as the service does not allow you to call before your arrival. Once you complete your application, it will be a matter of days before your NI number is sent to your new address here in the UK.