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If you’re looking for a chance to travel the world and experience new cultures, all while teaching, the UK is the place for you. Keep reading for the top 5 reasons you should consider teaching in the UK!

  1. The UK is filled with opportunity

London, and the UK itself, are incredibly commutable. There is no need to rely on a car, especially in the city, where public transport is readily available.

The UK has so much to offer, not just in terms of employment opportunities. Living in London is the perfect place for anyone looking for an exciting lifestyle. There’s so much to do in London alone, with plenty of museums (many of them being free), galleries, and an exciting night-life.  With transport links to the rest of the country, you are never too far away for a quick weekend getaway.

If you are looking for a quieter life, the UK has plenty of fantastic towns and villages, each with a rich history to tell. From big cities to seaside towns, or the emerald green countryside, there is a place in the UK for everyone.

  1. Plenty of time to travel

Schools in the UK have consistent week-long breaks in the middle of each semester (known as a term in the UK). Also, you will have at least a two-week long break at the end of every term. This means that you will not be teaching for more than 6 or 7 weeks at a time, without having at least a week-long break, giving you plenty of time to explore the UK and beyond.

If you would like even more time to travel, you can start off your UK teaching journey as a casual substitute teacher. That way, you can add even more flexibility to your schedule.

  1. Europe is at your doorstep

The UK is a stone’s throw away from other popular European destinations. With many transportation options, including car, plane, and the Eurostar train, you can easily take a weekend trip to Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, and other popular cities. Even countries further away, such as Iceland and Greece, are affordable to get to as well.

With so much choice, you may be wondering where you should explore first. Check out our top 5 European destinations for some ideas!

  1. Make life-long friends

It’s important to have a sense of community when you move abroad. As a Bounce Teacher, you will be invited to all of our monthly teaching socials, where you will have the opportunity to network and make life-long friends with like-minded individuals.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to find the perfect housemate or travel partner, and create memorable experiences together during your time in the UK.

Even if you decide to return home after your youth mobility visa expires, you will have made friends from all over the globe.

  1. Grow as a teacher and individual

Moving abroad in general can challenge and help you grow as an individual. You will find many opportunities to push yourself out of your comfort zone and develop new skills both inside and outside of the classroom.

In the classroom, you will teach students from different cultures. Because of the UK’s reputation for their high-standard of education, teaching in the UK can be a way to open up doors to other places around the world.

If you’re ready to start your UK teaching adventure, reach out to Bounce Teachers today!

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